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There is nothing like sharing golden moments together
There is nothing like sharing golden moments together

I think about it and I get sad. I reflect on how I could’ve waited just a few more hours; better yet, I ponder about retracing the last 24 hours, back to the fatalistic moment in which I set about the chain of events. A time, in which I had obliviously made a decision, a decision I might compare to something as eating breakfast or taking a walk. In hindsight this ‘light’ decision or the illusion that the choice I made was one as light as choosing to have breakfast is just that… an illusion.
The gravity of what I had done hurt you and now it hurts me. I think about it just as I close my eyes and I can see how this has broken us. It wasn’t entirely my fault- we washed our hands in the same dish voluntarily but I have decided to bare this cross because I should’ve known better.
What you suffer I can only imagine as the silence that exists between us only digs deeper into my wounded soul. You, my dear, have declared a famine upon my sense of inner peace, a drought on my conscience and only you can quench this hunger and thirst. The pain, the shame and the embarrassment eats at my insides- feeding so greedily upon my serenity; for now, I have none left.
Forgive me- I can only say for I am left with no option. Whether you might is entirely up to you for you have taken away any cause for happiness, you might as well take my pride. I cannot lie, I do hope you won’t ignore me forever but I would be deceiving myself if I expect an apology to make all the difference. So this is the first step. If you have taken it all away then all I have left is the intangible element of hope- hope to fight another day. Just as I once seduced you, I might strike again.
I’m sorry.

Beautiful couple.... beautiful scenery...
Beautiful couple…. beautiful scenery…