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I’m looking far out for something I already have
This is a dedication to you, yes you
You, who calls me when you’re sad
And whom I listen to willingly and cheer up at the end of the day.
You who calls me when you’re happy
Because I’m the first person you wish to share the good news with.
You, who gets sad when I put others before you
You who never wants to see me sad.
You who walks away just to walk right back and say you are sorry;
You who calls me ‘friend’
I’m looking far out for something that I already have.
This is a dedication to you
You who would make me cry if I ever lost you
You who has given purpose to me in your life
You who has always been here for me when I needed you
You who makes me wish I was a better problem solver
You who makes me work harder, look better, study harder
You who knows what inside and out
You whom I never truly walk away from
Even when I sometimes convince myself I could
You who has watched me grow in the space and time we have been together
You whom I call ‘friend

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