Month: February 2016

Random Posting

“Are you listening to me?” No I wasn’t listening, I rolled my eyes sarcastically, I was only hearing her speak. I was only witnessing the most boring speech being delivered. My feet were glued to the ground and my hands stuck in my pockets, shoulders rolled out and up against my neck… Hoodie on.. Concealing the earphones that were my safe haven. Just then… Just then.. The last song on the playlist had come to its end and foolishly I had forgotten to set it on repeat! But could I really be blamed for not anticipating this purgatory? Could I really take the fall for not seeing five minutes into my future? Because if I could imagine all the boring, nasty, slow and annoying conversations, accidental encounters, awkward run-ins I could’ve avoided. All my life I’ve had to take the embarrassment for 2. If a girl tripped and fell in my presence I was embarrassed that I had to witness it and for her too- that she fell in front of a stranger. Imagine the burden of having such human instincts and being a good guy. So no.. I wasn’t listening. I didn’t want to be embarrassed that she was taking the time to yell at me for not picking her calls and no I didn’t want to be embarrassed that she had caught me on my way out to play FIFA. But I heard her. Ahhh… The curse of the ears! So now.. I was going to have to listen and then save us both the hustle. “Yeah… I am.. Oh hold up.. Phone call’, ‘but I didn’t hear it ring..’, ‘vibrate.. Shhh.. Hey man.. No you what??? I’m coming!” I knew she would thank me later.