Choosing who stays

Growing up I never really understood why my parents didn’t want me to associate with certain children. I thought they were just hating on my friends, killing my vibe kind of thing you know. So I did my best to defy them to my woes, of course. It never ends well for the kids.

Anyway what my parents were trying to teach me was a lesson about choosing the people in your life carefully. Not everyone in our lives is good for us. Not everyone we let in will add value to our lives or destinies in the long run. I’ve watched people come and go in my life and I have cried for many of those.

So believe me when I say when I ran into him the other day, my heart opened its doors in joy. We never really said goodbye, no. One minute he was in my life  and the next he was out but I realized that my doors had never shut him out. He continued to occupy a space in my life. I kidded myself by deleting his number that he was gone but you should’ve seen the cartwheels my stomach performed when he spoke to me after a year of total silence.

Funny thing is all those memories came rushing back. When people say it was just like yesterday, sometimes it really does feel that way. Do not be so skeptical when someone from the past approaches you while you’re deciding which underwear to buy.

The joy has faded and realization has kicked in like a flashbulb moment. Our episode together came to an end and the curtains closed. He was beautiful to watch on the screen but now someone new has taken center stage. There resides room no longer. So mummy, daddy, this time I know who to make friends with and who to stay away from. I mourned a loss once and now my tears have dried.


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