Trying to make my blog my baby

I realize I have been neglecting my duties as a blogger; part because of school, Internet and laziness. However, I want to change that. I started this blog as a way for me to connect to the wider channel of readers and have their opinion of my work and also to improve my writing skills by allowing myself to write more. Now if I cannot even manage to write once a week, what kind of blogger am I? Writer in fact? I admit I haven’t really been as committed to my writing as much in part also because I am scared. Being able to write well has been an accomplishment for me for as long as I can remember. It has been the one gift God has given me that I truly recognize and plan to invest in. It’s not easy in this world full of challenges. In my world where my country Zambia is perceived as a country with a low literacy rate where even our own citizens recognize the poor reading culture. Far worse, the publishing opportunities have been but trivial if not minimal in the least.Anyway, positive energy right? I must seek something passionately in order to earn it. I haven’t been doing that and for that I am sorry to myself. Another thing is that I have been afraid to connect with my readers here personally. I have shared but I have neglected to talk to you directly. To let you know me. So here is to making my blog my baby!


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