Let’s talk about LOVE

I want to talk about, love. It’s my favorite topic ever because it is I think the most fascinating phenomenon known to man. First, I’d like to mention my greatest fear in love and that is to never know love and I don’t mean agape love or the natural love for family and friends but that love one can have for a man or woman they would want to marry. That kind of love. That’s the love I’m interested in and that’s the kind of love I want to talk about. Let us keep in mind that I realize the height of my naivete and I also realize the depth of my inexperience which of course makes me non the wiser. However, I just want for the first time ever to put it out there; my thoughts on this topic of interest to me. Many are a times I have written poems and stories and motivational- of sometimes- Other pieces on love. Today, I’m free flowing my ideas and my concerns about this topic. So, as I have mentioned my fear is to never fall in love. I guess this is because I have such high hopes and expectations for this emotion that is love. For this great and fascinating experience which to me is the sole existence of life, love. Now what is it about love? I think for me the counter emotion of it is loneliness because If you don’t know love then you are lonesome. I don’t know whether it’s the Social effect produced by seeing other people in love, but damn it feels so acute- almost a natural reaction to the lack of love. But is that truly so? We know of people who above dedicated their lives ever so diligently to other purposes and have opted to live lives apart from the love of a spouse. Mmmm.. Is it that maybe that love comes from that other purpose? That maybe lonesome-ness has no place in their hearts because a higher purpose makes them whole? Is that their love? And if that be the case, does that mean all my hopes and dreams and fears are silly because love can manifest itself in something other than a man!? Hahaha well… That is something huh? What about the saying that one must love themselves and be happy with themselves before falling in love? Do not make someone else responsible for your happiness they say.. But that’s exactly what happens in love not so? This other person holds your heart and they can choose to squeeze he life out of it or tend it carefully. That’s why they can make you happy or sad, excited or mad. Right!? I mean once you fall in love it follows that someone else becomes responsible for your happiness. Actually, hold up… I’m just going with my thoughts here. This is free flow after all. Are we ever truly responsible for our own happiness? Give it five minutes. I don’t think so! If it isn’t our religious affiliation (God for me), or our social status or how much food we’ve had to eat or how much love and attention our parents give us or how right our relationships with our friends; are we happy? I mean are we just happy people inherently? And can we be just happy beings without some external force being responsible for it? Where something is missing, we are not happy which makes that thing responsible for our happiness. Yikes! This is scary. Imagine a monk without his faith… He would be another unhappy soul lacking the love of his life. At this point I have indulged in the liberal opinion that love does not only manifest in the form of a human being. Are you with me? I hope so. It’s okay if you aren’t though.It’s at your pace, take it all in, really think about it. I expect lots of interesting comments below. So we are not responsible for our own happiness (which SHOCKINGLY) doesn’t present itself in a bundle of a four-limbed, developed frontal-lobed human being. So then, is it possible never to fall in love? Remember my fear? Well to be honest, something else must be addressed. Happiness doesn’t necessarily come from love. So if we are not responsible for our own happiness, it doesn’t mean the lack of something that makes us happy would make us lonesome. However, the lack of love does make us lonesome. So here is the trick question. How do you know you’re in love? Quite simply put; What is love? This question I’m afraid is too big for little me. My only authority on it is 1 Corinthians 13:4. In my experience, love is when you wake up one day and realize this one person has affected you in such a way that you feel CRAZY. oh yes CRAZY because you no longer recognize this person you have become. And I don’t mean you’ve changed but you’ve grown up and your world isn’t just about you. There’s this other human being that kind of revolves around your world. It’s like when ancient scientists realized that earth wasn’t the only planet in the world. Wake up call, hallllooo! The difference though is that you’re willingly extending your world. It pleases you to have this other person in it! Well think about what love is for you and ask yourself this. Is it possible to feel this way about something other than another person? Can you wake up in the morning look at your dog, or your plant, or your car hell even the ocean! And be like, ‘whoa! When did you become a part of my, our world?’ because it really just isn’t your world alone at this point. You may feel that I am going round and round taking you through a circular argument or regression if you feel. To be honest, I’m just asking questions here because I have no answers. Maybe you do? Feel free to post them in the comments below. I’d like to say one last thing. Emotions are fickle. Yes, yes. You know it’s true. Sometimes you want ice cream and then when you get it, it could be better than you expected or disappointing or it’s too late and you want something else or it’s the idea of ice cream that you like or it’s because you saw someone with ice cream… Anyway the point is sometimes people feel they have fallen in love but later down the line, they fall in love with someone else, or just fall out of love with that one person… We’ve heard of these things; divorce, separation. I mean what happened to forever? Notice how people write their own vows lately I think secretly we are all scared of lying to someone or getting our hopes up and having them shattered by the thought of forever till death do us part. So if love is fickle, then is really love? My bible says love endures but I have seen many practical examples otherwise. But that’s mostly in this modern society and well other issues that frankly deserve their own title. Anyway dear reader, writing this has given me lots of things to talk about and much for you to think about I hope. I look forward to your thoughts.


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