Dancing with my heart

The fast pacing beat
Hips in synch with the drum
Today, everything is made to move so quickly
The adrenaline rush is food for the century

I revel in the rhythm
The music so sweet
It fills and overwhelms my very being
I am entirely possessed by its beautiful melody

Once my body begins to move like the flowing ocean
I leave it to entwine with my spirit
My limbs perform the trick demonstrated in my head
And when I’m done my body cries for breathe

When I look in the mirror though,
I see a smile
And the twinkling of a pair of eyes
Instinctively, I place a hand to my heart
It beats so strong and so full of life
I couldn’t lie to myself with the signs so clear
So I whisper
‘Dancing is in my blood’.

Slave to the beat
Slave to the beat
Lost in the music
Lost in the music

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