Month: September 2015

Let’s talk about LOVE

I want to talk about, love. It’s my favorite topic ever because it is I think the most fascinating phenomenon known to man. First, I’d like to mention my greatest fear in love and that is to never know love and I don’t mean agape … Continue reading Let’s talk about LOVE



I feel crazy. I am a frantic young lady panicking that that I am on the verge of total and absolute loss of control of my own emotions. 18 years of my life and I have believed in ‘mind over matter’. For me this has … Continue reading CRAZY


Dancing with my heart

The fast pacing beat Hips in synch with the drum Today, everything is made to move so quickly The adrenaline rush is food for the century I revel in the rhythm The music so sweet It fills and overwhelms my very being I am entirely … Continue reading Dancing with my heart