You are perfect. Absolutely Positively Perfect for me. You have the right kind of hair, you talk just the right amount of words and you have adequate strength just for me. You’re a perfect fit. We are the perfect combination. Your imperfections are a reflection of how I am suited to be the lock to your key. This isn’t about opposites because you are not my opposite but the propositional relation to which I am best fitted. I hate how much I love you to be specific. You’re a glow so bright that I know that it will only bring destruction overnight. I am not certain where the future leads with you and that thought gives me nightmares. I feel like I must touch you but equally let you go because the hold you have on me can only lead to insanity. You are bad for me. Each moment we spend together is perfection so tell me how can I top perfection itself???


Surely it is impossible. You are logically impossible. How can one be so perfect and yet so destructive? I am intoxicated by you… Lost by your love. You enchant me and lay me in a trance that I MUST leave before I self destruct. You’re a BAD drug. Nobody can achieve this level of happiness and live to enjoy it. This is sin. I wake up in a panic after a day in your love. I wake up scared that I’ll lose you after I lose myself and I become unreliable, senseless because I cannot be trusted to save you. LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE

You are perfect for me so why do I fear you??? You are red fire burning and I cannot run fast enough to get away. I love you but why do I feel this way?? Love is supposed to make you blind but this is madness. When I first met you I thought surely you must be seduction itself because you lured me into a web that I willingly tangled for you. Ohh mesmerized am I by your aura I no longer see straight; Enchanted by your pleasure I no longer feel pain. I am bewildered by your hold that sometimes I forget to let loose. I am amazed by your presence that I see nothing else. There is no me without you. I cease to exist around you. You are my world. North of my campus but how can I love you when I have no direction?

The idea of not being with you hurts me. To love is to feel but I am no longer sure what it is with you. I said I loved you but I lied because this isn’t love I feel. I am taken and the places I reach have no return ticket. OHH sweet apple of my eye you will never understand how I could say goodbye but this I do for you. I am like a feather in your hands… falling to the ground. I am a candle rapidly burning down. I am the sun setting, soon it will be dark. I am your Jack freezing in your ocean. jack


I am Romeo, your poison seeping into my veins.

We are not destined you and I. The universal law of combustion does not allow us to be. Do you see? Not even the physical law of attraction can agree to this. We are an abomination.

But the Lord says there is no fear in love. I touch my heart and calm my nerves and use my mind to reflect on the effects of His word.


3 thoughts on “PERFECT LOVE (part 1)

  1. An out pour of strong emotion. I surely enjoyed the ready.

    Btw, have you come across this quote – “To love is to be afraid. You are frightened, deathly terrified, that something will happen to those you love. Think of the possibilities. Does your heart clench with each thought? That, my friend, is love. And love enslaves us all, for you cannot have love without fear.” ― Marie Lu, The Young Elites

    And thanks a lot for stopping by my blog and share some words 🙂
    Have a great day!
    ~Arcane Owl


    1. You’re welcome Arcane Owl, it was a pleasure. No I have never come across that quote, how interesting… I’m over-joyed that you can feel the emotion behind my words. I like my readers to be to connect with the emotion’s i’m trying to portray. Tell me Arcane do you believe that it is okay to be afraid in love?

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      1. It depend on afraid of what. But any way I would say love is not absence of fear. Love surely courage to the impossible but as the quote says, you will surely experience fear – like losing the one you love or what if something happens to them. You want to protect them harms way. Is it okay to be afraid or not depends on the individual.

        Have a nice day!

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