Words written, words said
Meaningful words or so you say
Words meant to make me happy,
Still just words;
Carried by the wind
Drowned by the sea
Lifted by the sky,
They brought tears to my eyes…
Words meant for me alone
Yet combusted by the air,
So you put them on paper
The words you thought I would savour
Those words crushed by your pen
Words embraced by your borrowed sheets
And further crumpled,
Trashed to pieces
So you dared pray
Those words to me.
Those words which the make heard
As they flew, shooting flames to the sky
Those words exploded into millions,
When I cried at the disaster,
You vowed to bring those words to me
You put down your bow and drew your arrows
Such bravery, such courage
Yet, I stopped you
‘Darling!’ I said, ‘You’re not listening’,
So I touched your heart and let you touch mine
From one sour to another
Rest assure I heard your words

distorted communication...
distorted communication…

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