How I feel about YOU

You’re the sun to my shine
You’re the sweet to my heart
You’re the pump to my kin
And the cup to my cake
What I’m trying to say is that I am incomplete without you

You’re the ice to my cream
The pop to my tart
I cannot imagine me, corn
Without you my candy
The truth is
There cannot be anything good come out of me without you

Here comes the crazy part though
I have found you
As you have found me
The yin to my yan
Why my yin do you wait?
Why my yin do you not yearn for me as I do for you?
Is my presence to you not so special?
Do you not wish every second we spend together could be added up
And we’d get double time for the amount of hours
We spend in each other’s company?

Am I crazy?
Or is your voice the most beautiful thing I have ever heard?
It is safe to say I have lost a bit of my sanity
Trying to contain the inner voice that is my heart
For it falls fast and whole
Regrettably, it falls out in just the same way
Maybe this is best
Maybe you’re the cure to my distress, unrest
My constant regret
Maybe I have found you
And you’re worth the wait

You speak of good
And I know your heart is good
You speak of self-efficacy
And I hear the bells of hope ring within me
It is selfish I understand
But you make me want to be a better person
For me but because of you
In your presence I do so much to restrain the floodgates of my heart
Push and push
But my emotions are a closed door
One I haven’t mastered the art of barricading

When I wish to call you
I stare at the phone instead
When I desire to text you
I swoon over your picture instead
When I am beside myself with plans for what we could do tonight
I bite my tongue sore
I express so much when it comes to you
My heart is a theatre show
And yet you never get to see behind the scenes

Society says I must hold back
Back down, refrain, and truly hide
You are not ready, it warns
There is an overwhelming intensity burning in me
So I burn inside
Just so the fire doesn’t cause you to run
I remain patient because I want you to stay
It kills me!
That I cannot show you off to the world
Ahh Chérie that is how I feel about you


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