Phenomenon woman

Your beauty immaculate
Your beauty immaculate

A friend spoke to me, beseeching comfort over the loss of a chess game. His woes, I hearkened, broke down to the sole reason that he lost his queen. Yes his queen, morale lost, game face gone, he was too weak to fight anymore and there gentlemen is the reason why we love our women- phenomenon women. Where they lack strength of muscle they make up for in strength of spirit; so this I dedicate to you- girl, young lady, woman, old lady…
Like a plant that springs too close to the falls you’re both a symbol of vulnerability and fight. You’re vulnerable to the tide and yet you overcome even when it’s hard to- flourishing in the glow of your beauty, modesty and virtue. Above all, you stand with the lord. You are a woman phenomenon woman- she who is spoken of in Proverbs 31.
You have been through it all; deceived by the serpent yet gloriously you endure in your punishment. With a second chance, you emerged as the mother of the Lord Jesus Christ- what an honour befitting. Your influence is like that of no other, made from Adam’s rib you are a helper, a protector just as the ribs protect the heart, the lungs and other vital organs you protect your own.. You have sprung centuries over and over to become a symbol of love, generosity, fertility, good fortune, success and most importantly faith. You are woman, phenomenon woman.

Like a queen
Like a queen

The mother of nations, you are a symbol of perfection. After God created earth form and void, he created something less rigid than earth, water. He later made animal- a creature with more movement and sound; thereafter sprouted plants and they could make food. Then he made man- speech, mobility, and intellect in abundance and then he created you, Eve and God saw that it was good. You are woman, phenomenon woman.

You bring sunshine into the world
You bring sunshine into the world

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