Can I take you there???

Can I take you there?
I know a place
Where time and space are one and the same
Where Tom and Jerry laugh and play
This divine place- it’s forever
Where immortality reigns
As there is no real death
This place, it’s decorated with love and spirit
Where power remains nothing but part of physics
And time is short yet so full of meaning
I have visited this place one too many times
Were it but by will,
I would return as frequently as I forever do
The smells, the thoughts, the feel, the sounds
Those are the only images worth capturing
Because this place is not meant for the eyes
It’s for the mind, the heart and the soul

Can I take you there?
Hold my hand and let us sail
Or would you prefer a train ride,
Where the scenery is one worth killing for?
Shall we take a flight?
And enjoy the freedom that ends with night?
Does a walk sound more pleasurable?
So that time will have no choice but to be a patient guide?
I could dress up for the occasion
Maybe invite an escort to put you at ease
I don’t mind packing entertainment
I would love to sing to you my most favourable tunes,
Or maybe recite my favourite scripts,
Whatever my dear I am up for it.

On this journey,
I promise you will not tire
No cramps, no blisters, and definitely no panting
I will carry you, pamper you and take care of you
But most importantly,
I’ll be thinking of you.
I will show you its beauty,
It will reflect in your eyes,
When you see the blooming flowers
Your breath will be taken away
And I will catch it
The small animals and the big ones too
Will sing and chant for you
Dance as well
Would you mind joining in the fun?
A few laughs and pleasant remarks,
It will be worth your time dear
And mine too,
Because your voice is music to my ears.

I warn you though my sweet,
You will never want to leave
But the thing about paradise is,
It can only be lived for a few stolen moments,
But take heart that is enough for a lifetime.
You wonder now,
Why did I choose to take you?
Because I needed to share it with someone else
And my mind conjured up an image of you
I dismissed it at first
And thought as hard and as best
So I put you up for a test
Honey, you failed.
And yet,
And yet,
I could think of no one else I wanted to take
So here you are in my care
About to visit my humble nest
A place I like to call home
So can I take you there?
Say yes,
Say no,
I really do care
But what I really mean to say is,
I’d love to take you there.


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