The power of doing ‘nothing much…’

I’m sitting here, just sitting here… Engulfed in a nostalgia of the sweet days that were. When life was as sweet as apples and as relaxed as a crocodile right after supper. The clock slowly ticked away those sweet days and all I have now are sweet memories of what it was like to do… Nothing much.

But then I am sitting here, doing nothing and yet my mind runs a million miles south, east, west and north on all the things I could, should be doing. Like… Studying. Like… Folding my clothes. Like… Reading further on something i learnt in class but ahhh, do I really want to let go of those precious seconds turned into minutes of my thoughts?!

I think not!

I want to be sitting in my bed… And making a mental to-do list of nothing much. I want to revel in the knowledge that I could do so much but choose to just let the options float around my head; be the master of my actions. This takes me back to February 15th 2011 when Bruno Mars released the hit single “lazy song”. All I want to say is Bruno, you spoke to me and I want to go back to those lazy days of doing nothing much.

Well yeah the idle mind is the devils’s playground… And laziness does not pay, but… But….

To be continued


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