Month: October 2014

Oh Rosemary

I’m sick. My nostrils flare and yet the air cannot get through. My nostrils flare again but nothing. I hate this. I cannot bear using my mouth as an inhaler. I look to my right; damn it! My handkerchief is almost full. What shall I do? Today is another dry day. There is no water. Fetching seems so tedious I cannot even think of the distance to the bore hole. My mind is already tired. Oh, how can this be?
I take a deep breath with my mouth. Damn it I can almost remember the days when breathing feels so natural. The discomfort is killing me. Tick tock I hear the clock on the mantle. It is only 12? I have to do this for the rest of the day! Oh no! I have not even a rag I want to spare to blow my nose and there is no water so I cannot depend on using the sink.
It gives me no comfort knowing that others have to go through this as well. I just pity them. I pity them and myself as well. I close my mouth and try to breath in my nose. It is blocked. Such is the extent of my ordeal.
The foolishness of which I came about this cold makes all this not worthwhile. I was smelling some plants; Rosemary (the spice to be exact). Isn’t its purpose to bring me joy? Is this the price I pay for plucking it prematurely? For robbing it of the vanity it gets from being admired, from being scented?
Oh sweet smelling Rosemary, I wish I could put you in my chicken and never desire another plant again! Oh rosemary, I wish I could grow you in my garden and watch you as I wake and lay down to sleep.
Your punishment does not deter me from loving you; your wickedness does not keep me from wishing to be in your presence again.
For a second there I forgot my woes. This could work maybe! I’ll get better before I know it.rosemary